ESSA Key Resources: Improving the Fairness of School Funding

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) offers a variety of opportunities for state and local leaders to ensure equitable funding across their schools. AIR experts have compiled a list of key resources to help state and district leaders assess their funding practices, identify problems related to equity, and promote equitable resource allocation. Read our action guide about ESSA and school funding equity.

Key Resources

Implementing Equitable Systems of Resource Allocation Within Districts

Engaging Stakeholders with Per-Pupil Spending Data

Connecting Resource Allocation Data to School Improvement Efforts

Examining Your Approach to Funding Schools

  • Evaluations of weighted student funding systems in Hawaii and California from AIR

School Funding Support Available from AIR

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  • Co-InterpretationSM collaborative data analysis for stakeholders
  • Parent and community engagement support capacity building
  • Analysis of per-pupil expenditure data
  • Evaluation of the cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness of interventions
  • Development of cost-effectiveness analyses for interventions
  • Assistance for districts with evaluating current funding formulas
Image of Jesse Levin
Principal Economic Researcher