Prioritizing an Integrated Approach to Educator Shortages and Workforce Diversity

Lois Kimmel
Sharif El-Mekki
D'mari Creque
Maryann Corsello
teacher helping two high school students at a desk

The pursuit of a diverse and inclusive educator workforce is at the forefront of AIR's Center on Great Teachers and Leaders' mission. Approaching educator shortages without a commitment to educator diversity overlooks multiple realities that disproportionately impact students and educators who are marginalized and minoritized.

Our latest resources, co-authored with the Center for Black Educator Development, highlight three critical realities that affect the current educator workforce:

  • Reality #1: Shortages disproportionately affect students who are racially marginalized and minoritized.
  • Reality #2: Educator recruitment and retention are influenced by systemic racism and racial disparities in education. 
  • Reality #3: Educators who are ethno-racially diverse are critical to addressing the needs of today's classrooms. 

Integrated efforts, that acknowledge these realities, are more likely to achieve the desired impact—resolving shortages by attracting, recruiting, and retaining effective and racially marginalized educators for the students who need them the most. Explore the resources below to learn more and find practical examples of integrated policy approaches. 

Briefs and Infographic

Part 1: An Effective Workforce Is a Diverse Workforce 

This brief highlights three critical realities in education that create the foundation for educator shortages and diversity gaps. Recognizing these realities is the first step toward lasting solutions.

Part 2: Innovative Strategies and Examples Across the Talent Development Continuum 

The second brief offers innovative strategies and examples of integrated educator shortage and diversity efforts across the talent development continuum. These strategies are enhancing efforts to attract, recruit, and retain effective and underrepresented educators where they are needed most.

Infographic: Navigating the Road to an Effective and Diverse Teacher Workforce With an Integrated Approach 

This visual map can help spark conversations and inspire action in your educational context.