Opioid Misuse, Overdose, and Death: A National Public Health Emergency

Image of opioid brochure coverIncreasing rates of opioid misuse, overdose, and death in America represent a complex public health emergency that merits widespread public and private resources and solutions.

As a complex public health emergency, many players must contribute to the national shared purpose to prevent and treat opioid use disorders; support sustained recovery; and reduce the devastating impact of opioid-related overdose and mortality on our children, families, and communities. AIR offers an experienced team, composed of highly qualified and experienced experts in preventing and treating addiction, opioid use and dependence, substance use disorder treatment, mental health, behavioral health, and trauma-informed care.

We support our federal, state, and local partners in the following ways:

  • Expanding access to, and quality of, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) through implementation science, training, technical assistance, and evaluation studies
  • Enhancing awareness and behavior change through communication campaigns and tools for providers and consumers
  • Supporting evidence-informed decision making through data analytics
  • Understanding the interrelationship of systems that touch affected individuals and communities and fostering systems integration to leverage resources and create sustainable solutions
  • Working with health care providers, law enforcement, and other first responders to provide the training and technical assistance for new responses, using online courses for efficiency and reach
  • Identifying primary prevention strategies to support early intervention in our schools and communities and build resilience for those most vulnerable