ACCELL-Related Projects for English Language Learners

Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), District of Columbia

As part of its annual English Learner Institute for traditional and charter District of Columbia Public Schools, OSSE procured the services of the Director of the Center for ELLs at AIR, Dr. Diane August, to provide sessions on meeting standards for literacy using instructional routines and methods of the ACCELL model.

Alexandria City Public Schools: Professional Development on Differentiation, Instruction and Assessment for Immigrant Youth

The Center obtained a contract to work with teachers across content areas at T.C. Williams High School to improve instruction and instructional outcomes for long-term English learners in general education classrooms. The teachers participated in training sessions by content cohort groups and the ACCELL-model training was differentiated for each of the content areas: ELA, math, science, social studies, and for one cohort of electives’ teachers. The cohort teachers received on-site training and follow-up coaching and support, throughout the school year.

New York City Enhancing ESL Teachers: Professional Development and Curriculum Work

Through contracts with the New York City Department of Education, AIR provided professional development for ESL secondary school teachers in New York City Public Schools to facilitate the implementation of instruction aligned with the New York Common Core Learning Standards. AIR developed model English language arts secondary-level curricular units for New York City teachers that are aligned with the state standards. Additionally, AIR worked closely with New York City ESL teachers to facilitate the development and production of teacher-created, standards-aligned curricular units.

Poughkeepsie Public Schools

In this project for the Poughkeepsie Public Schools, funded by the American Federation of Teachers Innovation Fund, AIR ELL specialists supported ESL secondary school teachers in developing curriculum and using teaching methods that enable their students to meet the New York Common Core Learning Standards in English language arts. AIR collaborated with WETA, a public television and radio station for the greater Washington, D.C., area, to create videos of teachers implementing exemplary lessons.

Springdale, Arkansas Common Core State Standards Professional Development

Staff from the Center for ELLs provide technical assistance to district administrators and teachers to help them assist ELLs in meeting the Common Core State Standards. In this professional development, staff from the Center worked with district-level staff and teachers to scaffold challenging grade-level content so it is more accessible to ELLs.