Review of Evaluations Commissioned by UTZ Certified

UTZ is a non-governmental organization that designs programs that support farmers in obtaining certification when they adopt sustainable agricultural practices in the production of coffee, tea, and cocoa. This certification enables farmers across the world to export their products to achieve sustainable production practices. UTZ supports farmers in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and several other countries. To obtain certification, farmers in these countries have to follow UTZ’s code of conduct, which offers guidance on farming methods, working conditions for farm laborers, and the environment. The certification allows consumers to make informed decision about the consumption of sustainable consumer goods, such as coffee, tea, and chocolate. 

UTZ regularly commissions evaluations of the programs it implements in partnership with local organizations.

Evaluation Reviews

AIR reviews the quality of the UTZ-commissioned evaluations and provides recommendations about UTZ’s evaluations strategy. AIR’s reviews include advice about data collection and the use of quantitative and qualitative methods to address UTZ’s evaluation questions. In addition, AIR provides technical support in developing terms of reference for UTZ-commissioned evaluations.

Image of Thomas de Hoop
Managing Economist and Program Area Lead, Agriculture, Food Security, and Nutrition