Recruiting and Supporting Students Involved in the Justice System: An Ohio Department of Education Toolkit

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Justice-impacted youth remain a historically under-represented demographic in workforce, as well as in career and technical education (CTE) programs. 

To address this under-representation, the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce (DEW) collaborated with AIR to develop a comprehensive resource of best practices and strategies aimed at recruiting justice-involved students into CTE pathways.

The resource focuses on removing common barriers to recruitment and retention and creating opportunities for youth affected by the justice system. The toolkit provides actionable guidance for staff, teachers, and administrators on how to effectively recruit and support justice-impacted youth in accessing CTE opportunities. It emphasizes the importance of informed and equitable practices to ensure positive outcomes for all students. 

Through our collaborative efforts, AIR identified that limited awareness of CTE career paths among students is often a barrier to recruitment. It underscores the critical role of educators and support staff in providing comprehensive information and guidance and breaking down systemic barriers to help students better navigate these pathways successfully.