Public Health Emergency Preparedness Campaign

To raise awareness and provide a source of accurate information for the media and first responders about public health emergencies, AIR worked with the Office of the Secretary of HHS to develop and disseminate a series of award-winning, easy-to-understand reference guides.

The first, a comprehensive desk reference for the media, was reviewed by more than 100 government subject matter experts for accuracy and distributed to media outlets nationwide in 2005. AIR also designed and produced a briefcase-friendly field guide in 2006 for use by media during emergencies. And in 2007-2008, AIR worked with HHS to produce a version of the reference guide for first responders and public officials that was tailored for the needs of these audiences and intended to help strengthen partnerships before and during public health crises.

Over 220,000 copies of the three guides were distributed through an AIR distribution and call center.