Prime Time Sister Circles Evaluation

AIR is evaluating Prime Time Sister Circles®, a program designed to help mid-life African-American women take control of their health by improving health habits, monitoring and managing key health indicators (hypertension and weight), reducing stress, increasing physical activity, and improving nutritional choices.

Preliminary results, replicating prior evaluation findings, document a strong, positive impact of Prime Time Sister Circles® on multiple outcomes including reduced hypertension, improved nutrition, increased physical activity and lowered stress.

Prime Time Sister Circles® can be used by health providers as a low-cost referral model for patients who are pre-hypertensive, hypertensive, or diabetic, as well as other women who need assistance and support to improve their health habits.

Funded by The Gaston Porter Health Improvement Center, Inc., the evaluation is assessing whether program participants show significant improvements in health outcomes and health behaviors at the conclusion of the 12-week program and if improvements are sustained six months later.

Wehmah Jones
Principal Researcher