Myanmar Analytical Activity (MAA)

Marketplace in Myanmar

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) allocates more than USD 100 million annually to address political reforms, economic growth, health, and conflict in Myanmar’s transition to democracy.

AIR’s Myanmar Analytical Activity (MAA) provides fast, responsive, analytical support to the USAID/Burma mission, supplementing its portfolio of democracy and governance, national reconciliation, economic growth, and health activities. MAA’s research and analysis allow the Mission to stay up to date on emerging issues, take advantage of opportunities, and react to unexpected political and economic events and social upheaval, such as the military coup on February 1, 2021.

  • Atmospheric Reports and Situational Updates: Myanmar’s complex, unstable, and rapidly shifting environment calls for both quick turnaround research and reporting, as well as analytical, in-depth reports to fulfill the Mission’s information needs. To that end, MAA produces regular monthly atmospheric reports with the most recent information, data and insight into political, economic, and social developments across Myanmar, and possible impacts on local, regional, or national-level conflict. After the coup MAA also produced weekly situation reports to capture rapidly evolving political events in the country.
  • Geographic Data Analysis and Mapping: MAA regularly conducts geographic analysis and mapping of areas in Myanmar that are of particular interest to the Mission. These analyses often use both recent and historical satellite imagery to evaluate changes over time and to provide the most accurate geo-spatial information available.
  • On-Demand Research and Analysis: MAA produces on-demand ad hoc reports covering topics like women’s rights and justice, inter-generational collaboration in activism, impacts of recent legislation, and other topics of interest to USAID/Burma. All on demand-research includes primary and secondary data collection and rigorous analysis.
  • Innovative Technological Integration: MAA provides technological solutions custom tailored to the Mission’s needs. These solutions include website design and maintenance, multi-permissions-level databases, and interactive dashboards and mapping that complement analysis.