Moving from Theory to Action (T2A): Supporting the Conditions for Equity and Thriving Children


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Health and human service systems are increasingly interested in adopting a public health approach to promote child wellbeing and prevent adverse childhood experiences. Public health is the science of protecting and improving the health of all people with a focus on solutions that recognize the context in which people live, learn, work, and play–and aims to address inequities and stop critical health issues before they occur so that all children and their families thrive.

Unfortunately, adopting a public health approach to the myriad health and social issues of young children has proven difficult. Many child-serving systems do not know where to start or do not have the capacity to identify and implement upstream strategies. This project addresses a need in communities for evidence-based training and technical assistance to ensure all children thrive.

Moving from Theory to Action (T2A): Supporting the Conditions for Equity and Thriving Children supports the following activities:

  1. An environmental scan of innovative Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) strategies and exemplar communities implementing SDOH frameworks to inform a comprehensive catalog of SDOH resources; and
  2. Develop a general training series on SDOH frameworks with complementary content on the application of these frameworks to strategies promoting child wellbeing.


Moving from Theory to Action: Supporting the Conditions for Equity and Thriving Children is a multimodule training that provides foundational knowledge about SDOH, the history behind inequitable access to opportunity, SDOH frameworks and data, and exemplary communities for learners interested in understanding and implementing SDOH approaches to child well-being.

Module 1: Social Determinants of Health Introduction - Explore the fundamental concepts and importance of SDOH in public health.

Module 2: A Journey Through History - Understand the historical context behind the disparities seen in child health and development today.

Module 3: Applying Social Determinant Frameworks to Promote Equity - Learn how to practically apply these frameworks to create equitable health outcomes.

Module 4: Using Social Determinants of Health Data - Gain skills in leveraging data to inform and improve policy and practice.

Module 5: Social Determinants of Health: Solutions in Action - Engage with real-world solutions and active strategies that address social determinants impacting child well-being.