Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Demonstration

The Department of Labor (DOL) and Department of Defense (DoD) contracted with AIR to provide technical assistance to grantees during the first year implementation of the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (CAA) demonstration. The program was developed to help military spouses gain the education and training they need to advance in their careers using self-managed accounts. The demonstration was implemented in 18 military installations around the country and resulted in the issuance of CAAs to over 4,000 military spouses. Technical assistance included a broad range of activities including:

  • development of technical guides and informational packets, including marketing brochures;
  • facilitation and support of meetings and conferences;
  • one-on-one consultation with service providers;
  • operation of a Website dedicated to spouses and service providers;
  • on-going coordination and management of the demonstration project; and,
  • facilitation of peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing.