Los Angeles World Airports - Training Customer Service Personnel on the Needs of Travelers with Disabilities

Image of woman in a wheelchair with a guide dog in an airportClose to 200,000 passengers arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) each day. Roughly 10% of these passengers have a disability, whether it be using a wheelchair, having a hearing or visual impairment, or other disability. Disability rates are expected to increase with the rise in the aging population (U.S. Census Bureau).

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is working with AIR to develop gold standard services for travelers with disabilities. Through AIR’s interactive online training, customer service personnel learn about disability law, gain a deeper understanding of the needs of travelers with disabilities, and roleplay respectful etiquette for serving these customers. AIR is developing a second training specific to wheelchair service providers, and both courses are available on computer and mobile devices in both English and Spanish.

From the café worker to the gate attendant to the wheelchair service provider, LAX personnel are  

  • gaining knowledge on the needs of travelers with different disabilities;
  • learning strategies on how to interact respectfully with travelers with different disabilities;
  • improving safety outcomes for all travelers;
  • reducing the risk of violating federal laws in the Americans with Disabilities Act and Air Carrier Access Act; and
  • increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty for all travelers.