Learning Health System Panel to Inform and Encourage Use of Evidence Reviews

Too often, significant lags occur in moving evidence of the best ways to deliver care into routine practice. To increase uptake of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality evidence reviews, AIR is working with a panel of 11 diverse learning health systems (LHS) to develop products and tools to help make these comprehensive evidence reviews more accessible to LHS executives and clinicians, with the goal of timely integration of evidence-based findings into the care delivered to patients and communities.

After developing and testing new evidence materials with potential end-users, AIR is working with 8 of these learning health systems to integrate a Summary of Findings tool and Visual Dashboard into the LHS’ evidence review processes. AIR will gather and analyze data to understand the LHS’ experiences with the tools and how the tools can be enhanced. The project also includes identifying strategies to overcome implementation challenges, including contextual information about audience characteristics that might affect usability and adoption.

Susan Baseman
Vice President