A Framework for Principal Talent Management

Principals are second only to classroom teachers when it comes to impact on student learning. Despite clear research showing the impact that principals can have, more rigorous research and information to guide schools and districts on how to prepare, recruit, support, and retain the most effective school leaders is needed.

The George W. Bush Institute partnered with AIR to develop the Principal Talent Management Framework. This practitioner's guide provides districts and policymakers guidance on policies for attracting, supporting, and retaining effective principals—and describes the extent of the evidence supporting these policies. The framework also highlights districts that are implementing examples of these promising talent management strategies.

To accompany the framework, the Bush Institute and AIR conducted a What Works Clearinghouse review of studies of principal talent management interventions, Principal Talent Management According to the Evidence: A Review of the Literature, to explore the extent to which there is a rigorous evidence base supporting particular policies for attracting, supporting, or retaining effective principals.