Evaluation of the Georgia Food for Progress (FFPr) Project

Georgian women working together

AIR is evaluating Land O'Lakes Food for Progress (FFPr) programming aimed at revolutionizing the dairy and beef sectors in Georgia. The project targets, but is not limited to, five regions in the country: Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Imereti, and Samegrelo Zemo Svaneti. (This project was initiated by IMPAQ, which was acquired by AIR in 2020.)

The project uses a private-sector approach to increase productivity and profit for dairy- and beef-sector actors. The main goal is to increase agricultural productivity and expand the trade of agricultural products in the dairy and beef sectors. The project activities focus on enhancing income and productivity at the farmer level, as well as removing bottlenecks along dairy and beef value chains.


AIR's evaluation team has employed a quantitative and qualitative performance evaluation approach to evaluate how Georgia FFPr's interventions contribute to a sustainable private-sector dairy- and beef-market system. In order to guide future phases of the project, the evaluation develops and presents hypotheses that are related to the project's relevance, impact, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and gender equality and equity considerations. The baseline evaluation of this project was supplemented by a baseline gender analysis report.

Sonam Gupta
Managing Economist and Program Area Lead, Labor and Workforce Development
Image of Thomas de Hoop
Managing Economist and Program Area Lead, Agriculture, Food Security, and Nutrition