Evaluation for Breaking Barriers for Girls’ Education Program in Chad & Niger

Girls education Africa

The Breaking Barriers for Girls’ Education (BBGE) Program aims to increase access to education for girls in Chad and Niger, particularly for those living in fragile and conflict-affected areas, by reducing and removing contextually persistent barriers to their school enrolment.

AIR’s primary objective for the study is to assess the performance of the BBGE program in girls’ and adolescent girls’ education outcomes across three regions in Chad and Niger respectively. The target communities for the BBGE program implementation comprise large populations of refugees, internally displaced persons, and returnees—the evaluation will examine the effectiveness of the program for these populations in both Chad and Niger.

Mixed Methods Evaluation

Using a mixed methods approach the evaluation will assess both the extent to which the program has met its intended objectives and produced measurable impacts on lessening contextual barriers, as well as provide insights into the strategies that have and could successfully mediate these barriers and increase girls’ access to and trajectory in schooling. AIR will also examine possible factors that may impede the sustainability of the program and its results.