Cost Analysis of the Simulated Instruction in Mathematics Professional Development Study (SIM PD Study)

Teacher providing online instruction, holding up a shape and board


Cost Analysis Overview

The Simulated Instruction in Mathematics Professional Development (SIM PD) program is an innovative professional development (PD) program that offers (1) a focus on research-based math instructional strategies and (2) the unique opportunity to practice implementing these strategies in a mixed-reality environment with support of a coach and teacher colleagues. 

SIM PD responds to the critical need in the field to help math teachers' develop the ability to use the focal strategies. These strategies help students (including those from underserved, underrepresented groups) acquire a deeper understanding of math concepts, effectively communicate their thinking, and use reasoning to solve math problems. This initial efficacy study also will help address the paucity in research about effective math PD programs.

Researchers at AIR's Center for Economic Evaluation will conduct cost analyses using a resource cost model that uses an "ingredients" approach to capture systematically all personnel and non-personnel costs for implementing an intervention. The cost-analysis results will be combined with the impact findings to conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis that captures the cost-per-standard-deviation impact of the PD. Cost-effectiveness will be calculated both per teacher and per student.