The Communication Toolkit: Using Information to Get High Quality Care

AIR has developed a publicly-available online Toolkit to help employers and other organizations communicate with consumers about key concepts in evidence-based health care and consumer engagement. Developed with funding from the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), the Communication Toolkit: Using Information to Get High Quality Care contains customizable materials to support consumers in identifying, understanding, and using health care information and evidence. These materials are complemented by information for employers and other organizations about how to communicate effectively with consumers. Communications Toolkit logo

The Toolkit materials apply to current critical health care issues including comparative effectiveness research, value-based benefits design, and transparency of cost and quality information. The materials take the concepts of making health care decisions based on evidence and translate them into practical, actionable language, with topics including:

  • Understanding the basics of health care quality and the importance of evidence-based information;
  • How to choose quality care and make wise use of money spent on health care;
  • Tips for getting good quality care before, during, and after a health care appointment; and
  • Help in using the Internet to find health information you can trust.