The Communication Toolkit: Implementation and Evaluation of a Learning Collaborative

This California HealthCare Foundation-funded project extends AIR’s work to develop a Communication Toolkit to help employers and other organizations communicate with consumers about evidence-based health care and the importance of consumer engagement. The purpose of this project is to increase the dissemination, implementation, and effectiveness of the Communication Toolkit.

Dissemination activities include the development and implementation of a strategic marketing plan that combines in-person and electronic outreach approaches, including presentations, webinars, link building, and search engine optimization. AIR also is working with a learning collaborative of six organizations in California to implement and evaluate the Toolkit. The collaborative reflects participation from employers, purchasing entities, and insurers and represents outreach to nearly 2.3 million insured lives. The experiences of the collaborative, in conjunction with other qualitative and quantitative data from employers and consumers, will be used to inform revisions to the Communication Toolkit materials and the development of case studies to highlight lessons learned.