Program Support Center (PSC) - Program and Policy Assessment

The Program Support Center in the Department of Health and Human Services manages this government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC), which was issued as a means for reducing processing time for the issuance of task orders. All Government agencies may use this vehicle to select AIR (or any PSC IDIQ contract holder) for sole source contracts.

Contract Data

Contract Number: HHSP233201500032I
Period of Performance: 05/18/2015 – 03/15/2025


AIR Services

  • Program and Policy Assessment
  • Evaluation Design Services
  • Performance Measurements
  • Technical Assistance
  • Conference Support Services

Our Skills and Experience

Through this IDIQ, AIR has conducted research for a variety of DHHS agencies and for the Department of Defense. Research topics have included a study of patient-centered care in the military, development of a toolkit encouraging employers to provide insurance covering cardiovascular preventive services, development of continuing education cultural competency curricula for family physicians and nurses, and development of a survey instrument for measuring patients' assessments of the quality of dental care.