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The American Institutes for Research® brings together deep expertise and broad capabilities to answer pressing questions across a wide array of topics, from education and child welfare, to public health and mental well-being, to workforce opportunities and international development.

Insights from Our Work

Mapping Early College Programs Across the U.S.

AIR researchers have been studying the effects of Early College Programs—in which traditionally underrepresented students have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an associate degree or up to two years of college credits toward a bachelor’s degree in high school—since 2002. They have found significant and positive effects of Early Colleges on both high school and college outcomes for all students, providing strong evidence that promoting postsecondary access and success can be an effective policy strategy for improving postsecondary enrollment and completion rates.

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Spotlight on Our Work


AIR bridges knowledge and action to support the whole child and family. We work with educators, students, and policymakers to study and implement evidence-based programs and policies that improve outcomes.


AIR experts use rigorous evidence to address all areas of health and well-being, including physical, social, and emotional, throughout the life cycle, from promotion and prevention to treatment and care.

Human Services

AIR’s work supports stakeholders in developing a better understanding of the factors that shape outcomes for young people, families, and communities, and discovering opportunities to help them thrive.


AIR works around the globe to build evidence to improve the quality and relevance of programs and initiatives in developing countries to ensure equitable access for all.


AIR applies its decades of workforce research in developing the knowledge, tools, systems, and programs needed to maximize human and organizational potential in the 21st century.