My Future TX Website Provides Texas Students and Counselors with Information to Make Strong College and Career Choices

Washington, D.C. – My Future TX, a new bilingual website developed by College Measures in cooperation with leading high school guidance counselors, combines higher education and workforce data of use to students trying to make the right decisions about which Texas college or university best suits their goals.

My Future TX provides information about all public colleges and universities in Texas, including community colleges. It shows how college majors and careers are linked, offers insights into career forecasts, and shows the average earnings of recent graduates in various majors while listing the net costs of attending a particular school., was developed with data from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Workforce Commission. Leading organizations representing guidance counselors – the College Advising Corps and Advise TX– offered input to ensure the information answers the needs of anyone considering college.

“Selecting a college or university is a major life-changing decision,” says Dr. Mark Schneider, President of College Measures and a Vice President and Institute Fellow at AIR. “The right fit can have untold benefits on a person’s future. But you can’t make realistic decisions about where to go, what to study, and how much debt is reasonable compared with future earnings if you don’t have solid up-to-date information about where those choices lead.”

The information found on My Future TX includes:

  • How SAT and ACT scores compare among colleges being considered.
  • How much different colleges are likely to cost.
  • How much time it will likely take to complete a degree.
  • Which occupations and industries present the greatest growth and employment opportunities.
  • What graduates’ potential earnings—based on choice of careers, colleges, and majors—are likely to be at different times during the first decade after graduation.
  • Which careers, colleges, and majors are available near where applicants want to live and work.

College Measures, a joint venture of AIR and the Matrix Knowledge Group, works with states to provide higher education and workforce data that assists students, parents and policymakers make informed decisions.

About College Measures
Established in 2011, College Measures is committed to informing and improving the decision-making process for students, parents, and policy makers and in so doing, help create a more efficient, productive and effective higher education system. For more information, visit

About Matrix Knowledge
We provide advisory services and software products to public and private sector organizations, foundations and charities in the health, justice, education and pharmaceutical markets. We are internationally recognized experts with over 20 years’ experience within our sectors, adding value to our clients by bringing clarity, insight and knowledge from complexity. Facts, evidence and data are within our DNA and we believe that they enable better decision making, improved accountability and ultimately can change lives.

About AIR
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