AIR Experts to Present at the Comparative and International Education Society 62nd Annual Conference

Washington, D.C. – Experts from the American Institutes for Research (AIR) will present and participate in more than 30 sessions at the 6nd annual conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES). The conference will be held March 25-29 in Mexico City, Mexico.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Re-mapping Global Education: South-North Dialogue.” CIES is the largest and oldest such society in the world, with more than 3,000 individual members that include researchers, analysts, practitioners, and students from across the globe.

AIR experts will present on a wide variety of topics, including early grades reading, literacy, assessment and more. View the complete program to learn about all AIR presentations at CIES, including session locations, dates and times.

Selected CIES presentations by AIR experts include:

Monday, March 26

Are You Bilingual? Unpacking “Language” in Language Mapping in Mozambique

AIR Presenters: Pooja Nakamura, Kaitlin Carson and Nisha Rai

Perspectives from ILSAs on Education, Training, Prison, and Careers (Panel)

  • Exploring the U.S. PIAAC Prison Study: Skills, Work Experience, Education, and Training in Prison
    AIR Presenters: Emily Pawlowski and Jaleh Soroui
  • A Comparative Profile of 15-Year-Old Students Who Expect to Work in Finance: An Analysis Using PISA 2015 Financial Literacy Data
    AIR Presenter: Yuqi Liao

Tuesday, March 27

Early Grade Reading in Haiti: Connecting the Dots of Research, Policy, and Practice

AIR Presenters: Rachelle Mathurin and Pierre-Michel Laguerre

Pro-Poor Programming: Evidence from an RCT of a Remedial Learning Program in Kenyan Refugee Camps

AIR Presenter: Nisha Rai

Wednesday, March 28

What Makes Education Development Work? Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice (Panel)

AIR Panel Chair: Jerrold Keilson

Using PIAAC Data to Look at the Skills of Adults Across the Life Course (Panel)

  • U.S. Young Adult Numeracy Skills Lagging Behind: Results from PIAAC
    AIR Presenter: Emily Pawlowski
  • Construction of a Proxy SES Index for the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies
    AIR Presenters: Juliet Holmes and Markus Broer
  • Examining the Skills and Health Outcomes of Older Adults
    AIR Presenter: Jaleh Soroui

Thursday, March 29

A, B, C’s, Not as Easy as 1, 2, 3: Strengthening Literacy Interventions in Conflict and Crisis

AIR Presenters: Rebecca Stone and Amy West

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