AIR Experts Participate in Association for Education Finance and Policy’s Annual Conference

Washington, D.C. – American Institutes for Research (AIR) experts will present on a wide range of topics related to education finance at the Association for Education Finance and Policy’s (AEFP) 38th annual conference March 14-16, 2013 in New Orleans, LA. The conference theme, Education Renewal and Reform…in the Face of Resource Constraints, examines how domestic policies and global economic competitions are testing the U.S. education system amidst national and local economic challenges. AIR presentations will include value-added models, human capital management, student choice, teacher effectiveness, and more.

Sessions involving AIR presentations include:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Session 1.01 – Shocks to the System: Effects on Students and Families
Discussant: Rebecca Herman

Session 1.03 – Challenges in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Chair: Jay Chambers

Session 1.06 – Student AID: Effects and Consequences
Presenter: Erin Dunlop – What Do Stafford Loans Actually Buy You? – The Effect of Stafford Loan Access on Community College Students
Co-author: Umut Ozek – Losing HOPE: Financial Aid and the Line Between College and Work

Session 1.07 – Can Strategic Human Capital Management Reform Lead to Long-Term Cost Savings for School Districts?
Discussant: Michael Hansen

Session 2.03 – School Turnaround Strategies
Presenters: Rebecca Herman – Policies, Programs, and Practices Associated with School Turnaround in the United States
Co-author: Mette Huberman

Session 2.04 – International Perspectives On Long-Term Outcomes
Discussant: Umut Ozek

Session 2.05 – Strategic School Funding for Results: Achieving A Culture of Innovation in Schools
Chair: Jay Chambers
Discussant: Jesse Levin

Session 2.06 – Student Choice and College Sorting
Discussant: Ben Backes

Session 2.08 – The Distribution of Teacher Effectiveness
Presenter: Zeyu Xy – Value Added of Teachers in High-Poverty Schools and Lower Poverty Schools
Co-author: Jane Hannaway
Discussant: Jane Cogshall

Session 2.09 – Teacher Compensation, Qualifications and Staffing
Presenter: Nat Malkus – Beneath the District Averages: Intradistrict Differences in Teacher Compensation Expenditures

Friday, March 15, 2013

Session 3.05 – Labor Market Returns to Community College Student Pathways
Chair/Discussant: Erin Dunlop

Session: 3.06 – The College Pipeline
Chair: Ben Backes

Session 3.08 – Measuring Teacher Effects
Chair: Jane Hannaway
Presenter: Umut Ozek – Misattribution of Teacher Value-Added
Co-author: Zeyu Xu

Session 4.07 – Teacher Effectiveness Measures in Practice: Evidence from Districts and States
Co-author: Nick Mills – The Politics and Statistics of Value-Added Modeling for Accountability

Session 4.13 – Pathways To and Through College
Chair: Umut Ozek
Co-Author: Ben Backes – Color-Blind Affirmative Action and Student Quality

Session 5.03 – Methodological Issues in Value-Added Models
Chair: Michael Hansen

Session 5.05 – Issues in the Pricing of Public Colleges
Discussant: Erin Dunlop

Session 5.11 – Key Findings from the Gates MET Study
Chair: Jane Hannaway

Poster – Reviewing Systematic Reviews: Meta-Analysis of What Works Clearinghouse Computer-Assisted Reading Interventions
Co-Author: Tsze Chan

Poster – The Schoolwide Impacts of the Strategic Implementation of a Differentiated Professional Development Process on Teaching, Leadership, and Professional Collaboration and Culture
Presenter: Jane Coggshall
Co-authors: Roshni Menon & Lauren K. Bivona

Poster – AP and IB Courses: Are They Good for Student Achievement?
Presenter: Jijun Zhang
Co-author: Yan Wang

Poster – Integrating Teacher Value-Added Scores with Other Measures
Presenter: Michael Hansen
Co-author: Mariann Lemke & Nicholas Sorenson

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