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MOSAIC is committed to conducting high-quality research synthesis, improving research synthesis methods, and promoting the use and uptake of reviews and meta-analyses.

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Latest Resource: Considerations for Centering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Research Syntheses

Explore all 12 Considerations and multiple DEI values-centered examples for each.

What is meta-analysis in research? What is the difference between systematic review and meta-analysis? What is a scoping review? MOSAIC resources provide answers to these questions through a series of videos and guides.


MOSAIC Fact Sheet

This infographic describes who we are, what we do, and what we've accomplished. View the full graphic.

What Are Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses?

Systematic review is the process of identifying studies related to the same topic. Meta-analysis is the statistical method used to combine numerical results from studies included in the systematic review. View this infographic to learn more.

How to Read a Meta-Analysis of Intervention Studies

This graphic describes meta-analysis and how to interpret study results. View the full graphic.

Conducting a Scoping Review: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

View this infographic to learn more about what a scoping review is, and how to conduct one. Download the 508-compliant PDF.

High-Quality Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

View the full-size graphic to better understand best practices for conducting high-quality systemic reviews and systematic meta-analyses.

Leveraging Large Language Models for Research Synthesis Search String Development

View the full-size infographic to learn how to use large language models for developing your search string when conducting a literature search.

Time to Complete a Meta-Analysis

Research teams consider many factors when determining how long it will take to conduct a meta-analysis. View this infographic for guidance and answers to key questions when estimating the time to complete a meta-analysis from protocol development to dissemination. Download the 508-compliant PDF.

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Using Qualitative Evidence Synthesis

View this infographic to learn more about Qualitative Evidence Synthesis and how it can be used to complement, or as an alternative, to quantitative meta-analysis. Download the 508-compliant PDF.

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Building Meta-Regression Models

Meta-regression models can be used to explore variation in study characteristics and other factors that may help explain heterogeneity in effect sizes. View this infographic for strategies, common practices, and recommendations for building meta-regression models. Download the 508-compliant PDF.

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Methods in a Minute: Systematic Review

What can researchers do with multiple studies on the same topic—especially when some of them contradict each other? Systematic review is a research method that helps researchers make sense of a topic's full research landscape. View the text (PDF)

Methods in a Minute: Meta-Analysis

What should researchers do when multiple studies on the same question offer different conclusions? This video explains how a statistical technique called meta-analysis can help them interpret those seemingly contradictory results. View the text (PDF).