Trisha Borman

Managing Researcher

Trisha Hinojosa Borman is a managing researcher at AIR with more than ten years of experience in education research. Her work focuses on designing and running large-scale district, statewide and nationwide studies examining programmatic impact on student, school, district and community outcomes. Currently, Dr. Borman is principal investigator for a dual nationwide study of the College Summit program involving a randomized controlled trial and a comparative interrupted time series. She also works with SGA Community and Family Services on the federally-funded Promise Neighborhoods planning grant, serving as lead evaluator, and is a member of the Roseland Children’s Initiative Community Advisory Board. In addition, she serves as principal investigator of a pilot study examining the policy implications of a systematic reform of the method by which Supplemental Educational Service providers are held accountable in the state of Texas.

Dr. Borman is an expert in education research methodology and statistics, and is deeply knowledgeable and practiced in a range of analytic approaches, including multilevel modeling, regression discontinuity, propensity score matching and analysis, and interrupted time series analysis. She has years of experience working with district, state and national data sets, and is a proficient SAS programmer.

Prior to joining AIR, Dr. Borman worked for Chicago Public Schools where she designed and led a large-scale evaluation of the Voluntary Public School Choice Grant implemented in more than 65 schools.

Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, DePaul University