Shauntice Wheeler

Senior TA Consultant

Shauntice Wheeler is a senior TA consultant in the Educators & Instruction program at AIR. Wheeler is a dedicated and passionate educator with more than 24 years of experience in public education. She provides quality support in the areas of educator recruitment, preparation, development, and retention. She is currently working with AIR’s Center on Great Teachers and Leaders to address educator shortages and diversity. 

Wheeler has substantial experience in leading strategic initiatives to transform and increase district, school, and educator effectiveness.  

With her exceptional adult learning theory knowledge, she provides capacity-building support by facilitating data analysis, collaboration, innovation, and strategic planning. Her knowledge of eLearning design and technology-based instruction is broad, and she uses these skills to build outstanding professional learning and resources for AIR. As an education consultant, she has the privilege of collaborating with various states, districts, and schools.

Prior to joining AIR, Wheeler served as a special educator, school administrator, and state education agency leader. She worked for the Georgia Department of Education for ten years. During that time, she led efforts to provide quality professional development to improve LEA, teacher, and leader effectiveness. Along with addressing the educator pipeline needs such as coordinating workplace wellness sessions to address burnout. Finally, she served as a knowledge and logistics manager in instructional technology development to address the needs of the 21st-century classroom.