Lisa White

Senior Researcher

Lisa White is a senior researcher at AIR in the early childhood practice area. Her areas of expertise include dual language learners (DLLs), including their development and culturally and linguistically sensitive classroom instruction; executive functioning development; early science teaching and learning; measurement of child learning (including computerized assessments); teacher professional development; and classroom quality in early education contexts. Dr. White contributes her content knowledge and analytic skills to a variety of early childhood research projects at AIR that include both evaluations and more participatory-based research (e.g., research practice partnerships) with early education partners.

Dr. White is highly committed to translating research to practice and has enjoyed delivering professional development to early childhood teachers in the past. She is a former preschool teacher, and is trilingual in English, Spanish, and German. Her academic publications include articles in Developmental Science, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, and Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. She also enjoys writing for practitioner-based audiences, as exemplified by her authorship of the Multilingual Learning Toolkit, a hands-on resource for teachers to help them support their instruction of young DLLs, and a blog post on supporting DLLs, as part of Lee and Low Books’ Open Book Blog on race, diversity, education, and children’s books. 

Headshot of Lisa White

Ph.D., Applied Developmental Psychology, University of Miami; B.A., Spanish, History, and Psychology, Rutgers University