Kelly Reese

Senior Researcher

Kelly Reese is a senior researcher at AIR with experience conducting mixed-methods research, leading teams of researchers, and providing analytic support to clients in content areas such as career and technical education systems and career pathways from K-12 to postsecondary with industry partnerships; college and career readiness initiatives, including programs to help persistence in higher education; early grade to postsecondary STEM interventions; professional development for pre-service and early career teacher populations; and teacher professional development systems. She leads and supports teams of researchers in both short and long-term program evaluations and studies with quantitative and qualitative components. In her role, she oversees the design and implementation of research, including management of colleague workflow, financial stewardship, and quality assurance for research processes and products.

Reese has led statewide studies of career pathway systems in Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts and Texas. She is currently leading a study in five additional states funded by the U.S. Department of Education to strengthen recruitment, preparation and retention strategies for CTE teachers, as well as leading tasks within an IES research network to expand the evidence base for career and technical education. She has experience providing formative data to and evaluating Networked Improvement Communities and coaching NIC members.

Kelly Reese

M.P.P., University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy; B.A., English, Ohio University