Katie Mallory

Principal Communications Specialist

Katie Mallory is a principal communications specialist at AIR. For nearly 20 years, Mallory has been providing production support and management for a range of client products in varied media. She is dedicated to developing effective dissemination and outreach strategies to connect federal, state, and local agencies with their intended audiences, including policymakers, researchers, administrators, and practitioners. Contributing to various production teams, she has worked closely with content experts to ensure dissemination products and outreach messages provide accurate, useful, and relevant content in an engaging and accessible way. In addition to working closely with clients and teams to conceptualize and design innovative product types for various media to engage audiences, she also establishes procedures and metrics to ensure streamlined production as well as reviews and remediates products for Section 508 accessibility standards and client-specific branding and style guide standards.

For over eight years, Mallory has managed an ever-growing team of specialists in graphics, communications, data science, and web development to provide integrated communications services across projects and clients. Mallory’s team has proven success supporting design, production, and release of various publications across the National Center for Education Statistics, including Condition of Education, PIRLS 2021 U.S. Highlights, the Focus on NAEP series, and Changes Between 2011 and 2019 in Achievement Gaps Between High- and Low-Performing Students in Mathematics and Science: International Results From TIMSS.

Mallory also serves as the communications lead for AIR’s Standards and Assessments to strategize engagement with potential partners and clients through various media. Prior to joining AIR, Mallory worked at MacroSys, LLC in Washington, DC.

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B.S. and M.A., Technical and Scientific Communication, James Madison University