Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes

Senior Research Analyst

Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes, a senior research analyst at AIR, has over 15 years of experience that focuses on statistical analysis of achievement data, resource allocation data, survey data, and cost analysis, with an emphasis on early childhood and English language learners.

Dr. Brodziak is leading the analytic team in designing the analytical strategy, sample selection, and quantitative analysis of the Dual Language Learners in California, children birth to age 5, The study goals are to describe and evaluate the range of strategies to support strategies in early learning and care programs to promote learning and development for Dual Language Learners and their families. Dr. Brodziak was responsible for estimating the impact of California’s Transitional Kindergarten Program on English learners. Dr. Brodziak's expertise in cost studies includes state-level analysis as well as costing out program interventions. She is currently the project director for the SENI Evaluation, a mixed-methods study in LAUSD that focuses to examine how schools allocate the SENI funds and whether the distribution of funds is helping LUASD reduce the inequity across.

Dr. Brodziak was one of the lead researchers for the study of The Cost of an Adequate Education, A Professional Judgment Cost Analysis for California. She was the main analyst of a case study in two California districts to examine whether they would be able to meet federal Title I comparability requirements if they used a per-pupil expenditure metric that was proposed in debates about the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. She has been leading the cost study of the Descubriendo La Lectura, a reading intervention targeted to English learners across four states.

In the international arena, Dr. Brodziak has led the cost analysis team in developing protocols, data collection activities and analyses to cost out the Accelerated School Learning intervention–a program geared to developing school readiness for children in rural areas –as part of the impact study evaluation, in Cote d’Ivoire, Mozambique, and in Laos. Dr. Brodziak also led the cost study of a cash transfer program in Zambia.

Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes

Ph.D., International Comparative Education and M.A., Economics, Stanford University