Cheryl Harris

Senior TA Consultant

Cheryl Harris is a senior technical assistance consultant at AIR. Her current work involves providing technical assistance for the Texas (TXCC) and Southeast (SECC) Comprehensive Centers, addressing state and local capacity building in school improvement and key content areas. This work includes assisting states and their statewide systems of support in the areas of teacher quality and effectiveness, college career and readiness, educator preparation, and technology-based instructional resources for teachers. Dr. Harris leads projects for the Comprehensive Centers in North Carolina and Texas and serves as the SECC and TXCC liaison to the Center on Innovations in Learning (CIL), one of seven national content centers designed to supply research-based information to states about innovative educational products and services.

Dr. Harris is a design team member on CIL’s League of Innovators, a need-sensing and dissemination conduit between the center and the SEAs it serves. Prior to her current assignment, Dr. Harris served with the research and evaluation unit on several regional educational lab and comprehensive center projects, statewide and local programs in school improvement, technology, literacy, science, and mathematics. Dr. Harris’s research interests include adult and student learning and motivation, formal and informal learning, teacher education and professional development, and instructional design, e-learning, and technology. Dr. Harris’s professional interests include application of learning theory, creativity, and problem-solving to a variety of student and adult learning needs. She especially enjoys creating and designing high-quality in-person and technology-based learning experiences that reflect sound principles of effective interaction and facilitation.

Dr. Harris has been an adjunct assistant professor in the Educational Psychology Department at the University of Texas School of Education teaching a learning theory course for early elementary teacher interns.

Ph.D., Educational Psychology (specializing in learning, cognition, and instruction), University of Texas at Austin