Burhan Ogut

Principal Researcher

Dr. Burhan Ogut is an established principal researcher in educational studies, specializing in equity in preK–12 and postsecondary education. He uses big data analytics, data mining, machine learning, and traditional experimental techniques to examine issues like accessibility, academic readiness, and transitions from high school to higher education and employment.

Dr. Ogut’s work covers a wide spectrum. In early childhood, Dr. Ogut is leading the efforts to evaluate the effectiveness and the expansion across several southern states in the U.S. of an online learning program for preK-3 students for a project funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). Focusing on accessibility and equity, Ogut is also leading a team for an IES-funded project to explore the use of accommodations and universal design elements in a Grade 8 mathematics digital assessment. His methodological expertise has also guided numerous projects including studies on the impact of California’s Transitional Kindergarten Program, the impact of a kindergarten curricula on student readiness, and the effectiveness of reading accommodations in elementary schools. 

In the college preparedness domain, Dr. Ogut headed a team on an IES project linking high school course-taking with postsecondary outcomes, employing national transcript data, data mining, and quasi-experimental methods. He is also senior personnel on a National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) funded contract for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), in which he has been instrumental in leading studies to develop college preparedness benchmarks since 2008. His recent work includes leading a team for an IES-funded grant to evaluate a program aimed at preparing students of color for STEM education and careers.

Dr. Ogut is also active in business development, leading teams for grant and contract proposals for federal and nonprofit organizations. Within AIR, he provides quality assurance and technical support.  In the research community, he frequently publishes in peer-reviewed journals and presents at national research conferences. He also communicates research findings to the public and policymakers through briefs and presentations.


Burhan Ogut

Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology with a minor in Statistics, University of Florida