Asta Mackeviciene

Senior TA Consultant

Asta Mackeviciene is a senior technical assistance consultant and a certified project manager at AIR. Mackeviciene has 14 years of combined experience of providing consulting and project management services to education clients through the U.S. Department of Education–funded comprehensive centers program. Currently, Mackeviciene serves as the project manager for the Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (serving Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio), where she oversees, coordinates, and documents all center activities. She aligns project activities to state-level initiatives; designs and manages federal reporting, quality assurance, and accountability processes; manages the preparation and execution of annual deliverables; conducts need sensing meetings with project leads; and coordinates the planning and execution of technical assistance plans. She is also responsible for keeping scope, schedule, and cost on track as well as for ensuring adequate staffing, identifying risks, and managing change requests in projects from inception through closure. Mackeviciene is bilingual in English and Lithuanian.

Image of Asta Mackeviciene

M.A., English and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Northern Illinois University;  B.A., English and Sociolinguistics, Northern Illinois University and English Philology, Vilnius University, Lithuania