Anteneh Melesse

Data Analyst

Anteneh Melesse is a data analyst, survey manager, and monitoring and evaluation expert at AIR. His expertise includes research analysis and report writing tied to quantitative components of evidence synthesis, and data cleaning and analyzing survey data, backed by strong analytical and computer skills.

Mr. Melesse has overseen and managed many survey operations. His responsibilities included digital data collection, budget oversight, training data collectors, and questionnaire design and testing. He also provided technical support in implementing survey design and methodology which included overseeing and testing the design of survey forms for tablet-based data collection.

His recent and current project work includes data cleaning and interpreting processes and report writing for a food for education program in Tanzania; managing a survey on a livelihood for resilience project which focused on building livelihood opportunities for chronically food-insecure households in Ethiopia; baseline and midline studies on building self-reliance for refugees and host communities in Ethiopia; food for peace’s development food security activity baseline survey in Ethiopia; building resilience among pastoralist communities through market expansion programs in Ethiopia, PREG Northers Kenya Impact Evaluation baseline and endline surveys and more.

Prior to joining AIR, Mr. Melesse worked as a monitoring and evaluation program officer at Addis Ababa HIV/AIDS prevention and control office.

Anteneh Melesse
M.Sc., Population Studies-Demography (Reproductive Health specialization), and B.A., Geography and Environmental Studies (Demography minor), Addis Ababa University