Student-Centered High School Math Teaching: An Up-Close Look

Available On Demand.  In this webinar, hear from key AIR researchers who used a mixed-methods design to explore the practices of highly regarded high school math teachers to examine the effects of varying degrees of student-centered instruction on engagement and problem-solving skills.

The study provides rich descriptions of how student-centered instruction plays out in several classrooms and examines the effects of varying degrees of student-centered instruction on students’ engagement and problem-solving skills. Compared to students in less student-centered classrooms, students in more student-centered math classrooms reported being more highly engaged in what they were learning and showed higher growth on a test of problem-solving skills. The study also produced a four-part framework for analyzing student-centered instruction in mathematics, providing multiple entry points for teachers who are interested in developing a more student-centered approach. Join the researchers behind the project, as they explore the dynamics behind student-centered instruction.

AIR Guests include:

Toni Smith, Senior researcher

Kirk Walters, Principal researcher

Kerstin Carlson LeFloch, Managing researcher - Moderator

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Event Information

December 16, 2014
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM