WMATA Job Analysis and Competency Architecture

AIR is currently conducting a comprehensive job analysis and competency modeling project for all jobs across the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA). This work represents a large-scale change initiative across the Metro organization and culture. Ultimately, the charge of this project is to move WMATA from its current state related to job descriptions and competencies to a more ideal future state.

Our support includes conducting an environmental scan, baseline studies, job observations, structured interviews, surveys, workshops, and focus groups with job incumbents, supervisors, and other job experts. The specific goals of the Job Analysis and Competency Architecture project include:

  1. Creating an efficient and effective strategy for the implementation of the project’s outcomes.
  2. Gathering job analysis information for all jobs across WMATA.
  3. Identifying meaningful job families and cluster jobs according to those job families.
  4. Developing revised job descriptions for all jobs across WMATA.
  5. Developing Core, Leadership, and Metro-specific Technical/Professional competencies for all jobs across WMATA.
  6. Developing an overall competency architecture customized to WMATA.
  7. Integrating the updated job descriptions and new competencies into WMATA’s PeopleSoft© 9.1 Human Resources Information System (HRIS) platform.
  8. Developing the change management approach for release and use of updated job descriptions and new competencies across WMATA.
  9. Developing train-the-trainer modules for training employees and conduct the initial training for the use of the updated job descriptions and new competencies and competency architecture across WMATA.

The results of this work will provide WMATA with revised job descriptions, new competencies, and a competency architecture. AIR is also working with WMATA to plan and manage the implementation of the revised job descriptions and competency architecture into WMATA’s PeopleSoft© 9.1 platform for use across human resources and talent management systems and processes.