Addressing Mental Health Disparities

Social and economic factors have an influence on health and mental health. The stresses of living in poverty and of social exclusion due to race or sexual orientation have negative health results. Disparities in health status are large, persistent, and increasing—especially for populations of color. The Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center (TCC) at Morehouse School of Medicine examines, develops, and informs health policy to promote health equity through research. 

AIR is partnering with TCC to prepare and disseminate research findings on mental health disparities. To enhance innovation, reduce cost, and improve equity in access and quality of care, TCC is training the next generation of leaders in health policy research, and expanding the diversity of the health policy workforce.

AIR is assisting with development of scholarly articles and policy briefs for four projects:

  • The Collaborative Action on Child Equity
  • THRIVE: Towards Health Recovery and Integrated Vital Engagement
  • Leveraging Health Information Technology to Address Health Disparities
  • Health Policy Leadership Training Needs and Impact

The Morehouse School of Medicine is funding this through a grant from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities.