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New research approaches for better understanding

Machine learning techniques allow researchers to identify patterns in data that conventional statistical approaches may miss and to generate predictive models that exploit these relationships using far more variables than traditional methods can handle. Natural language processing can provide quantitative summaries of text-based data and supplement qualitative approaches. Video analytics can identify instances of speech, audio events, and facial expressions and flag these excerpts for further analysis or generate new metrics.

AIR’s Data Science and Advanced Analytics team combines nontraditional data sources with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to reveal actionable insights. The team is adept in using standard and emerging approaches to help clients obtain unparalleled insights from their data. We work closely with subject matter experts to understand data generation processes, choose the correct type of analysis, and interpret the results. Cutting-edge data science research and methods can streamline data processing, uncover new information, and supplement more traditional statistical approaches while saving many hours of human effort for our clients.

Christina Jones
Principal Data Scientist