Meet AIR's Human Capital Solutions Team

Image of Christina CurnowChristina Curnow, Managing Director

Dr. Curnow has more than 20 years of experience consulting and conducting research related to human capital.  Her areas of expertise include job analysis, practice analysis, competency modeling, test development and validation, occupational licensing, technology enabled learning, leader development and training, upskilling and reskilling, the future of work, workforce analytics, employee engagement, and workforce planning.  Her research skills include research design, survey development and implementation, focus groups, data analysis, technical and business writing and presentation.  She also has extensive experience with Federal (civilian and military), state, and commercial clients.

Dr. Curnow has extensive people and project management experience including managing diverse teams of more than 120 people with backgrounds in, Industrial and Organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, statistics, instructional systems design, economics, experimental psychology, instructional technology, educational psychology and computer science.  Dr. Curnow’s work has been presented in books and peer-reviewed journals as well as at a variety of conferences. She holds a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the George Washington University.

Senior Advisor

Image of Dwayne NorrisDwayne Norris, Senior Vice President

Dr. Norris has more than 20 years of experience working with government and commercial clients to design, develop, implement, or evaluate human performance systems and practices, particularly those focused on performance at work or in educational settings. Dr. Norris’ specific areas of expertise include job analysis and competency modeling, assessment, talent management, and workforce development. He regularly serves in a technical role across many different projects, providing design, development, implementation, and quality control oversight.

Throughout his career, Dr. Norris has studied a wide variety of jobs and developed workforce solutions for numerous federal agencies and private organizations, including the Department of State, the Federal Aviation Administration, the College Board, Detroit Edison, and the Society of Human Resource Management.  He is currently serving his second five-year term on the Board of Examiners for the Department of State and is an invited member of an Organisation of Economic and Cooperative Development workgroup to address the measurement of skills and skill use in the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies.  Dr. Norris is an active member of many professional societies including the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychologists and the Society of Human Resources Management.