Theodore Budzichowski

Senior Test Development Specialist

Theodore Budzichowski is a former college professor and current chemistry editor who has published over 30 scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals and has delivered numerous invited lectures detailing his former research efforts.

Prior to embarking on his individual research career, Dr. Budzichowski was both a Regents Fellow and Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of California at Irvine (where he received his Ph.D.) and a John and Fannie Hertz Foundation Fellow in the applied physical sciences. He specializes in item development but is also an expert in chemistry content and developing science graphics for electronic delivery. He has taught at every type of post-secondary institution ranging from community colleges to research-oriented graduate programs. He has taught eight different courses in chemistry.

Dr. Budzichowski’s current responsibilities include item development, author recruitment, editing, technical review, and content management. An additional aspect of his work involves the development of an online survey for determining the current direction of chemical education.

Ph.D., University of California at Irvine; B.A., Mathematics, LaSalle University