Teresa Neidorf

Principal Researcher

Teresa Smith Neidorf is a principal research scientist at AIR with expertise in science, large-scale assessment, and scoring. She has served as senior science content expert and technical advisor to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) for NAEP Assessment Operations Support in the Education Statistics Services Institute Network, working on multiple projects related to NAEP assessment development and scoring across subject areas since 2003, with a recent focus on the development of the 2015 and 2019 science assessments and the 2014 technology and engineering literacy (TEL) assessment, including the transition from paper/pencil to digitally-based assessments.

Starting in 2013, Dr. Neidorf has also provided content and technical expertise for U.S. participation in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) at grades 4 and 8 and the TIMSS Advanced physics assessment at grade 12. Since 2003, she has conducted and reported multiple studies comparing NAEP with international assessments in mathematics and science. In 2014, she led a study to compare the Next Generation Science Standards with the NAEP frameworks in science, TEL, and mathematics. In 2016, she led comparisons between NAEP and international assessment frameworks and items to support the U.S. release of results from the 2015 NAEP, TIMSS, TIMSS Advanced, and PISA science assessments as well as a special in-depth report on U.S. students’ strengths and weaknesses in advanced mathematics and physics based on TIMSS Advanced.

Prior to beginning her work at AIR, Dr. Neidorf was science coordinator for the TIMSS International Study Center at Boston College, where she had primary responsibility for science framework and assessment development as well as reporting from the 1995, 1999 and 2003 assessments. Dr. Neidorf has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Stanford University and worked for several years as a research scientist at Eastman Kodak Company before obtaining a M.Ed. in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation from Boston College and changing the focus of her career to large-scale mathematics and science assessment.

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M.Ed., Educational Research, Measurement & Evaluation, Boston College; Ph.D., Chemistry, Stanford University; B.S., Chemistry, California State University Fullerton