Stacia Rush

Senior Researcher

Stacia J. Rush joined AIR as a research analyst in 2005. For the Access Center, she served as a technical assistance liaison with the Mid-South Regional Resource Center and assisted with developing products and presentations for the center. Dr. Rush also served as team leader on the Instructional Strategies Team for the Access Center’s Knowledge Bank and on the Information Sharing Communities Team. Previously, Dr. Rush has served as a technical assistance liaison on the National High School Center and as technical assistance task leader on the National Center on Response to Intervention, and as a training coordinator on the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring.

As senior research analyst, Dr. Rush served as the deputy director of the New York Special Education Curriculum Audit project, acting as director of the individual school audits task. Dr. Rush also currently serves as a technical assistance liaison on the Great Lakes East Regional Comprehensive Center. Additionally, she participated in the Say Yes to Education project in Syracuse, NY, providing training and technical assistance to elementary and secondary schools as they scale up implementation of differentiated instruction. Dr. Rush is the coordinator of the North Rockland Central School District Curriculum Audit. Dr. Rush is currently site visitor coordinator for the Quality Review of Special Education Service Delivery in District of Columbia Public Schools and Charter Schools.

Before joining AIR, Dr. Rush was the associate director of the Diagnostic Teaching Clinic in the College of Education at North Carolina State University. The Clinic, through a multidisciplinary team approach, conducts psychoeducational evaluations for children and adults with learning and behavioral difficulties, and assists in the implementation of educational programs for its clients. Prior to her work at the Clinic, Dr. Rush served as a diagnostic prescriptive specialist, an exceptional education lead teacher, and an exceptional education consultant in North Carolina, and as a cross categorical exceptional education teacher in Louisiana.

Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, North Carolina State University; M.Ed., Special Education, Learning Disabilities, Louisiana State University; B.S., Special Education, Behavior Disturbances, Auburn University