Krishna Winfrey

Principal Researcher

Krishna Winfrey has over 20 years of experience conducting complex research projects. She has served as the project director on a broad array of projects, leading multi-disciplinary teams in the design, development, and delivery of complex survey data and analytic products. She has developed an expertise in the implementation of surveys collecting sensitive information and especially with complex, multi-mode, and multi-faceted data collection efforts. Winfrey has particular interest and expertise in forecasting and monitoring data collection costs in order to better balance survey costs and errors. She is known for considerate collaboration with research partners and for developing innovative strategies to meet data collection challenges.

Most recently, Winfrey has lead the National Children’s Study Field Support team, providing technical support to the NICHD and the broad range of contractors involved in the study.  Under Winfrey’s leadership, NORC Field Support excelled at developing centralized data collector training, with its challenges of complex data collection protocols, data collectors drawn from diverse organizations and background, and overlapping training demands. Winfrey also led efforts to improve the implementation of anthropometric measure collection.

Winfrey brings additional experience from her work at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research where she served as operations director for the National Survey of Family Growth funded by the National Center for Health Statistics and the Health and Retirement Survey.

Image of Krishna Winfrey

B.S., Psychology, University of Chicago