HarmoniJoie Noel

Senior Researcher

HarmoniJoie Noel, a survey methodologist at AIR, has extensive experience in survey design, including writing and pretesting survey questions, designing the sampling strategy and data collection procedure, and conducting psychometric and complex statistical analyses. Dr. Noel has experience analyzing survey data, including data from complex survey designs, using a variety of software tools such as SAS, Stata, and Mplus. She has performed psychometric analyses to develop measures using factor analysis in Mplus and item response theory models using Winsteps.

Working in the Health and Social Development Program, Dr. Noel is involved in questionnaire development, sampling and data collection design, and data analysis for projects related to health care reform, electronic health records, and patient-centered outcomes research. For example, she collaboratively designed the sampling methodology and developed the questionnaire for a survey of health care providers’ experience with the Regional Extension Center’s services related to adopting electronic health records funded by the Office of the National Coordinator. She was also the primary data manager for several paper and Web surveys fielded in four geographical locations over a five-month data collection period for the Community Forum project with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. In addition, she worked on developing and psychometrically validating a measure of health insurance literacy. Currently, she is leading the survey development and field testing of two surveys to measure experiences with the recently created Health Insurance Marketplaces and Qualified Health Plans under the Affordable Care Act for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

HarmoniJoie Noel

Ph.D. and M.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln; B.A., Concordia College