Cary Cuiccio

Senior Director

Cary Cuiccio is a senior director at AIR. Cuiccio is a skilled project manager, group facilitator, and team builder with over 15 years of experience negotiating the implementation of school improvement reforms in large urban systems, coordinating technical assistance, and facilitating the development of strategic plans to optimize organizational growth and development. As project director, team lead, or technical assistance provider on a number of projects, she manages relationships with clients, subcontractors and stakeholders; oversees teams of up to 40 field staff; and provides quality assurance on tools, processes, events and reports produced on behalf of AIR clients.

Cuiccio acts as project director for the New York State Curriculum Audits, guiding an innovative approach to multivariate data collection and collaborative interpretation to help districts and schools in corrective action use data to develop concrete action plans for improvement. Cuiccio also led the Learning Point Associates team that provided support and assistance to the Michigan Department of Education in developing a statewide-integrated education reform plan, including development of the Michigan Race to the Top proposal. Cuiccio provides quality assurance on issues specific to district and school improvement work at AIR, in addition to managing client relationships, building strategic partnerships with local stakeholders, and representing the District and School Improvement Services group to a variety of constituencies in the wider education community.

Previously, Cuiccio was an independent consultant in New York City, providing organizational development and strategic planning services to the nonprofit and public sectors, including the New York City Department of Education. She is skilled at understanding district budgets and developing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track program impact over time.

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B.A., Carleton College