Beth Brinly

Vice President

Beth A. Brinly is a vice president in the Human Services Division, Workforce Program Area at AIR. Her primary responsibilities include providing leadership, strategic direction and innovative thinking with staff managing AIR’s workforce development system portfolio. The span of that portfolio covers research and evaluation and training and technical assistance in the areas of career and technical education, college readiness and success, postsecondary education, adult learning and integrated education and training, workforce policies and programs, human capital solutions and training, vocational rehabilitation and other supports for individuals with disabilities, and opportunity youth. Brinly has significant experience leading large planning initiatives for local, state, and regional workforce, education, and economic development collaboratives. She is a transformational leader and a significant advocate nationally for regional approaches, spanning 28 years of state and federal service including projects in statewide and regional workforce asset mapping, sector strategy development, career pathway efforts, school to work partnerships, and talent pipeline development.

Previously, Brinly served as the vice president of workforce innovation at Maher & Maher. Before joining Maher, she served as deputy secretary of the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet. She also served as Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Workforce Investment and was the Division Chief of Workforce Investment in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Philadelphia Regional Office and an Education Program Specialist, Regional Office of the U.S. Department of Education’ Philadelphia Regional Office. In these positions, she was the chief architect of the Commonwealth’s revamped workforce system, including: streamlining the system during the last economic downturn, supporting the development and execution of the WorkSmart Kentucky Strategic Plan and launching a statewide approach to sector strategies; community development initiatives like Kentucky Work Ready Communities program; providing leadership for the National Governor's Association Policy Academy Kentucky Team on Aligning Education and Workforce Development with the Economic Development Need; the expansion of integrated education and training via Accelerating Opportunities in partnership with the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and Kentucky Adult Education; and promoting earn-and-learn opportunities to obtain family-sustaining wages via career pathways.

Beth Brinly

M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University; B.S., University of Louisville