Ashley Kaiser

Senior Researcher

Ashley Kaiser is a survey methodologist at AIR. She has extensive experience in survey design, methodology and data analysis. Her expertise includes survey development, data programming, code and methodological review, analysis, data documentation and quality control of data files.

During her six years at AIR, Kaiser has applied her skills and experience to several large-scale surveys, including the Schools and Staffing Survey, the Beginning Teacher Longitudinal Study, and Project Talent. Her work on these projects has included paper and web instrument development, the review of national survey data prior to restricted-use release, addressing and reviewing methodological decisions for the surveys, and assisting in the writing and publication of accompanying documentation and data summary reports.

She is an author of several National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) First Look reports, documentation reports, and an article on the creation of a Project Talent twin and sibling data file which appeared in the journal Twin Research and Human Genetics.

M.S., Joint Program in Survey Methodology, University of Maryland; B.A., Franklin and Marshall College