Andrea Guiden

Senior Researcher

Andrea Guiden, a senior researcher at AIR, directs technical assistance projects related to educator accountability, strategic planning, and technical assistance partnerships. She has six years of experience leading technical assistance efforts for two U.S. Department of Education-funded national centers: the Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (GLCC) and the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders.

Dr. Guiden currently serves as a technical assistance lead for the GLCC. She supports state education agencies in developing and managing cohesive, well-aligned education systems. She uses her expertise to lead workshops, conduct professional presentations, and facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges among educational stakeholders to address high-leverage problems such as educator quality, student performance, and social and emotional learning. Dr. Guiden also spearheads the development of web-based content that supports educators in utilizing early warning systems to monitor student progress and support students’ college and career readiness goals.

Dr. Guiden leads the recruitment efforts for multiple research projects including studies that evaluate the effectiveness of web-based learning programs, and studies that explore the degree to which teacher preparation programs meet their organizational goals. Prior to joining AIR, Dr. Guiden served for ten years as an award-winning classroom teacher and teacher mentor.

Andrea Guiden

Ph.D., Education, George Mason University; M.Ed., Educational Leadership, University of North Florida; B.S., Elementary Education, Oral Roberts University