Coming Home: Helping Young Adults Stay Out of the Justice System

About 700,000 individuals are released from correctional facilities annually, and the transition home is not always easy. Many face numerous obstacles, including poverty, drug abuse, family dysfunction and lack of access to services and treatment. Failure to reconnect can mean many end up back in prison: 68 percent of those released recidivate within five years.

On May 12, 2016, AIR, with congressional co-host Sen. Chris Murphy, led a discussion on how to implement policy reforms in real-world settings. Experts from research, government—and a speaker who has been through the justice system—described re-entry and de-incarceration innovations and offered practical advice for cross-system coordination.

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Event Highlights

Full-length Event Video

Senator Murphy

Patricia Campie, Principal Researcher, American Institutes for Research

Kendra N. Jochum, Re-entry Services Manager, Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation
Brent Kelsey, Assistant Director, Utah Division of Substance Abuse
Jeffrey Land, Former Offender Speaking About His Re-Entry Experiences
Jennifer Loeffler-Cobia, Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research
Athena Morrow, Manager, Adult Forensics Services, Montgomery County
Event Information

May 12, 2016
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Patricia Campie
Principal Researcher